Saturday, November 12, 2011

Restoran Soon Mee (Hainanese Western Food and Curry Fish Head / Taman Pelangi / Near Pelangi Leisure Mall )

Recently, there seems to be an influx of Japanese/Korean expatriates doing business in Johor Bahru. In fact, down at Taman Pelangi, there are many Japanese and Korean eateries and a shop that is operated by Koreans, selling Korean goods of all sorts. 

It was from my casual "exploration" to find the Korean shop that I chanced upon Restoran Soon Mee. Restoran Soon Mee is an authentic Hainanese coffee shop. Some elders once told me, in the 1960s, Hainan natives in Johor and Singapore dominated the coffee shop scene, serving tasty western food. One of the most famous chicken chop in JB, comes from Hua Mui, another Hainanese coffee shop. Since fate brought me to Soon Mee, I have to give myself an alternative to Hua Mui. 

Soon Mee specialises in serving Western food as well as Curry Fish Head. The chicken chop that I ordered has a distinct "biscuit" taste to it. It seems like they dipped the chicken chop in biscuit crumbs before sending it for deep frying. I especially liked the way they made the chicken chop thin. Yes, sometimes, quality is more important than quantity. Unlike some Singapore Food Court's western food stalls that try to give you thick portions of chicken chops but with a bland taste to it. In fact, my wife commented that the beef steak she ordered was of a reasonable standard, right in tenderness, taste and aroma. 

Speaking of aroma, I promised that I will one day, try their Curry Fish Head. The table opposite to my table, ordered their speciality and when the dish was presented, I was "knocked out" by the heavenly aroma. In fact, they were once given the top food award for their Curry Fish Head. To end off, Western Food or Curry Fish Head, it is of reasonable price, nothing to shout about but an above average meal in terms of price and taste. Maybe, I will "upgrade" the recommendation on them after I try their Curry Fish Head.

Do check out their neighbours, the Bakery and Korean store 


They serve seafood and "Tze Char" too. 
There was even a Korean Family dining at
the eatery when I arrive.
Award winning for ?

Thin and Crispy.

Tender, Chewy and Tasty
At close to S$16, above average price
Yes, I am a cheapo. :)
Korean Mart


Bought for my kids, they treat
it as a toy, more than food.

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