Sunday, January 30, 2011

Restoran Hua Mui (Certified HALAL / Near Causeway / Recommended)

I was feeling nostalgia over the weekend and decided to pay a visit to a popular 60 year old kopitiam in Johor Bahru. This kopitiam is rumored to be so popular that the Royal family visited it for regular takeaways. Our "Yummy King" had also traveled all the way north to "pay homage" to Restoran Hua Mui

Hua Mui started in 1948 after being converted from a British bar to a kopitiam thus it is also known as "the Cafe with a Colonial touch". It was one of the earliest Chinese restaurant to offer Hainanese style western food. 

While modern entrepreneurs are starting chic little coffee shops with retro furniture and fixtures, Hua Mui restaurant is continuing with its 60-year-old tradition. Ask anyone who grew up in Johor Baru and they´ll tell you about this landmark kopitiam in Jalan Trus that´s run by the Chiang family.

When the business started in the 50s, its clientele comprised mainly European government officers, their friends and families.That was probably because it´s located within walking distance from the Sultan Ibrahim building in Bukit Timbalan which housed the state administrative offices. Their menu of western dishes and local favourites must have contributed to the attraction.

The ambience at Hua Mui is typical of a busy kopitiam. The wooden banister feels smooth, worn down probably by the thousands of customers who make their way up and down these very stairs daily.The walls upstairs are adorned by old black-and-white photos of Johor Baru and several sets of deer antlers. Most importantly, their food is really cooked to "historical perfection".

Opening Hours : 7:30am - 7:30pm daily

Signature Dishes : 
  • Hainanese Chicken Cutlet - Whole piece of chicken leg dip in golden bread crust, accompanied with green peas, tomatoes, potatoes and a special gravy.
  • Hainanese Fried Rice - Special Hainanese Fried Rice accompanied with potato wedges - Fried with Peas, Prawns, Vegetables and Hot Dogs. 
  • Hua Mui Stir Fried Noodles - Fried with beef, prawns, noodles, garlic and chicken stock. Gravy is black and thick like KL Hokkien Mee. 
  • Toast, Half Boiled Eggs and thick and fragrant Hainanese Kopi.
Situated in a colonial building from 1940s
Take the stairs up to a retro environment.

You will see all the Malaysian customers 
in the Kopitiam at anytime, no matter what 
races or religions you are from...all of them 
just like to have cup of coffee over here. 
The area will be crowded at most of the time.

Retro cash machine
Retro style of sending
food up to second floor....

Amazing collection of Western Food

Free flow of peanuts
Signature Dish : Chicken Chop.
Sauce is a bit cold but the chicken
meat is just perfect!
Fish and Chicken Combo
Chicken in Butter Sauce,
better than any chinese restaurant.
Seafood Soup.
Tomyam Soup, really spicy but delicious!
The only disappointment,
their beef steak is really hard and
difficult to chew. Please stick to
their signature dishes.
Amazing Price of Sing$35

They now have a branch near Sutera Mall.

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