Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sakura Cafe ( Halal / Thai Cafe with Western Food and Nasi Lemak / Taman Pelangi )

First of all, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all my readers, I was busy with my New Year preparation over the week, hence, the missing weekly entry.

Anyway, I was back in "action" during this weekend and immediately crave for some Northern food. Sakura Cafe which is situated in Jalan Kuning near Giant (Pelangi Leisure Mall), is the perfect place to start roaming Johor Bahru for the Rabbit year. 

Sakura Cafe is lauded in many Malaysian food magazines and was one of the early eatery patronised by our Yummy King like Restoran Hua Mui. The environment setting of the cafe is cosy and gives you the old country cottage feeling with its antiques. Most importantly, it serves excellent Nasi Lemak and Jack Place Styled Western food - one of their signature dish is their Black Pepper Chicken Chop which simply melts in your mouth with it's sizzling sauce.  

Other special mentions include their 
  • Sizzling Hot-plate with tender soft Tauhu,
  • Thick and Creamy Curry Fish Head cooked with loads of Santa, Lady's fingers, Cabbage and Egg-plant,
  • Steam Egg with Otak. 
In general, the dishes from Sakura's menu are familiar dishes that you'll be able to find in other restaurants but it's cosy ambience makes it stands out from others. 
Tel: 07-3324132
A distinct looking eatery along Jalan Kuning
It serves better Nasi Lemak than
Senibong. However, it still loses
out to Power Nasi Lemak (SG).
Looks like a Pub on the outside.
Cosy Country Style Cafe.

Highly recommended!

Spicy crackers to start off the meal.
Machine brewed coffee to wake
up my taste bubs.

Ox Tail Soup. Highly Recommended.
Tasty soup that my little princess
can't stop slurping.
The Chicken Rendang is spicy yet tasty.
The rice comes with a fragrant floral smell which 

captivates your taste bub with its mild coconut taste. 
The Otak literally melts in your mouth with its 
complex taste structure. The only complaint, 
the portion is quite small.
Amazing Jack Place Styled Sizzling
Black Pepper Chicken Chop
with crispy skin. 
Sing $23. Worth it.

Paintball anyone ? Thinking of organising among JB - Maniacs Singaporeans....