Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Restoran Hak Seng ( Lion City Hotel / Authentic Teochew Cuisine )

My Mother is a stanch Teochew when it comes to food. To her, food should be
  • a mixture of  seafood, especially fish and vegetarian dishes.
  • Healthy! Use of favouring must be much less heavy-handed than most other Chinese cuisines.
  • dependent on the freshness and quality of the ingredients for taste and favour. 
  • in small quantities of oil.
  • cooked by poaching, steaming and braising, as well as the common Chinese method of stir-frying. 
  • accompanied by mue, in addition to steamed rice or noodles. (Teochew mue is rather different from the Cantonese counterpart, the former being very watery with the rice sitting loosely at the bottom of the bowl.) 
All the stated are characteristics of Teochew Cuisine.

As she was craving authenticTeochew food over the weekend, I decided to reward her with a trip to Restoran Hak Seng at Lion City Hotel.

Restoran Hak Seng serves the best Teochew Cuisine in Johor Bahru. A LOYAL clientele frequents Restoran Hak Seng for many reasons.
  • The most obvious being mouthwatering Teochew flavours in satisfying meals. 
  • The restaurant's namesake, Hong Hak Seng, is probably the other draw. The restaurant's reputation is preceded by Hong's `fame'. He has earned nicknames like, `Loud-Mouth' and `Noisy Uncle' evidently due to his outspoken raucous manner. But, his brand of PR keeps customers returning for more.
  • Hak Seng is very helpful in helping one order his speciality. He could be seen as dominating if one does not know his personality . The good part is that he will make his recommendations and will stop when he thinks it is too much.
    A good restaurant is one that do not use the menu but has someone who can help the diner chose the house speciality.

Tel No. : (07) 2225830 / (016) 799367 

Signature Dishes : 
  • Pomfret Fish steamed and poured over with “Gong Bao” styled spicy gravy, garnished along with Spring Onions, Chinese Coriander and Dried Chillies
  • Orh Nee as a dessert for dinner. It comes with Pumpkin and Gingko Nuts.
  • Teochew Soo Chai - steamed mustard vegetable 
    with mushrooms and dried oysters
  • Ying Yang fried noodle - Kueh Teow and Mee Hoon.
Find Lion City Hotel and you
will find Hak Seng.

Lots of goodies to buy after a great meal.
If the boss is please (you must finish his food)
with you, he will offer you discounts. 
The "famous" boss himself.
I love it when he starts sitting
down and takes your
orders. He will decide what
you eat and how much to
order. "Perfect" Service, :) !

Highly Recommended.
Cooling Homemade Barley and Tea.
Superb Teochew Fried Chicken.
Not oily yet crispy thin skins.
Noodles that comes with
oysters and abalone.
Dou Miao that is cooked with
perfect seasoning.
According to my mum,
the two promfrets are of
top quality.
Signature dish!
Egg Omelele
Mum's Favourite Craving
- Orh Nee!

The best way to Hak Seng is to look out 
for the side road leading to Jalan Stulang 
and Lion City Hotel . 

Total Damage : An amazing S$50.50!
There is no bill to show...(there isn't even a menu).
But, the boss is reasonable, he will not "extort" you.

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  1. Hak Seng seems to be no longer at this location as of 23/7/2012