Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kai Xuan Chinese Restuarant Dim Sum Buffet (Puteri Pacific Hotel / HALAL)

When I first started this food blog, my Muslim colleagues commented that while the food introductions are good, there doesn't seem to be much Halal certified choices for them. To my Muslim colleagues, this post is mainly for you. Thanks to Puteri Pacific Hotel's Kai Xuan Restaurant,  I hereby introduce their attractive RM36++ dim sum à la carte buffet which are Halal-certifiedGoing to Kai Xuan Chinese Restaurant does not require much travelling time. The hotel is situated less than a ten minute drive away from the Johor checkpoint

Kai Xuan Chinese Restaurant serves mainly exquisite Cantonese and Szechuan dishes. Their Chef Vincent Yap Gin Kee presents a menu which is guaranteed to titillate and tempt the taste buds of even the most discerning gourmet. The restaurant serves more than 40 varieties of dim sum, which include Hong Kong Chives Dumplings, Steamed Shark's Fin Siew Mai Dumplings, Deep Fried Prawn Bencurd Rolls, Crispy Yam Puffs, Scallop Cheng Fun, among others. Their dim sum seems to be prepared with the freshest of seasonal ingredients. 
Opening Hours : 11.30am until 2.30pm for lunch / 6.30pm until 10pm for dinner. 8.30am until 2.30pm on Public holidays and Sundays.

Pricing : RM36++ for adults and RM16++ for children (5 - 12).

Contact : +60-7-219 9999 and ask to be transfer to Kai Xuan Restaurant. 

It is very near to City Square
and beside Plaza Kotaraya.
Five Star Lobby
Entrance to Great Dim Sum

A sophisticated setting in
which guests can enjoy the best
it has to offer in Chinese cuisine.

A waiting area with daily
news to keep you entertained.

A perfect blending of sweet
and sour sauce for Dim Sum Tasting.
More than 40 choices of Dim Sum.
Deep-Fried Prawn Beancurd Rolls
 Crisp beancurd skin with juicy prawns.
BBQ Chicken Pie, the 
Halal-version to the char siew sou
Thick and flaky crust with a piping hot centre. 
Fried Prawn Dumplings.
Century Egg Porridge with Shredded Chicken
A good and heart-warming starter.
Tasty sweet corn buns. 
They do not have char siew baos 
but they have another 3 types 
of favors in Chicken, Red Bean Paste 
and Lotus Seed Paste. They turned out to 
be more satisfying than I would expect. 
Fresh Scallop Dumpling, you can't get
such Dim Sum in Singapore at $19 per pax. 
Crispy Egg Tarts, cute as they may be,
 the buttery crust and egg-filled centre 
is superb.
BBQ Chicken Chee Cheong Fun
Nonya Style Steamed Glutinous Rice 
in Lotus Leaf, wrapped with a 
hearty portion of rice and meat. 
Chicken Feet. The taste is just
right, not too spicy or salty.
dim sum staple, the Siew Mai.
Steamed Dried Oysters stuffed
in black mushroom.
Crystal Prawn dumpling.
Sharked Fin + Siew Mai
= Atas Siew Mai. 
Personal Favorite:
Steamed shark fin dumpling.
The shark fin oozes out with
the tearing of the dumpling skin.
Seafood Mango Rolls.
Their chef managed  to blend
Mango so well with prawns
in a crispy skin.
Chilled Honeydew with Sago
Glutinous Rice Dumpling
in Black Sesame Paste.

Would have gobble in a 
Mango Pudding if my 
stomach allows.
Sing $19 per pax.
Although many Singapore
restuarants serve Dim Sum Buffet
at this price, they usually dump
you with ordinary, mass-produced
Dim Sum. Kai Xuan serves you
specially crafted Dim Sum
in a 5 star environment with
5 star services. Make your choice.

Free Vouchers of 18 Rm for next Visit !


  1. hi is there like min pax for the buffet?

  2. Suxk to the MAX!! I think the person who wrote this post is related to the hotel! I follow this post, went over to p.pacific, it was not as nice as it is as shown on the pic. I reach the hotel around 930am was hoping to park at the valet. The cars in the valet parking around looks messy and no one is stationed at the counter, and it takes me 10 mins to locate the carpark of the hotel, signs to the hotel was not clear! The exterior of the hotel looks run down and it's look rather like a 3 star then a 5. Had a hard time locating the lobby, the hotel was going through some maintaince work. Whole place was dirty, dusty and run down. Found the Rest. at B1. Approach the staff, which could not speak proper english. Told me Dim SUm start at 1130am! WTH Dim SUM start at 1130? i doubt so. There were only a few souls in the Rest. All the finishing looks rather old for a '5' star hotel. U will know what i mean if you do follow this post, and physically feel it.
    No dim Sum at p.pacific, damn made my way to New Hong Kong Dim Sum, there served delicious Dim Sum and the place is with Air-con and clear! Able to find parking space easily! i will recommend your to go there!