Monday, January 10, 2011

Geylang Lor 9 Fresh Frog Porridge, RIBBIT! ( Recommended / Jalan Serigala - Near KSL City)

RIBBIT! For some people, frogs are considered an exotic food. They don’t look exactly cute nor tasty to begin with, and do they give you the creeps when they hop towards your direction – especially those tiny ones. So if you belong to the latter group, it is time to switch to other websites. 

The namesake of the food haven of Jalan Serigala (which was criticised in my previous post) is uphold by our very own Geylang Lor 9 Frog Porridge. Kudos to our very own entrepreneur who reverse the trend of "invading" eateries from overseas. 

Speaking of Frog Porridge, I will always fondly remember G7 Sin Ma Restaurant in Singapore. However, at a pricey Sing$20 per person, I guess I shall be crazy and cross the causeway for something similar in quality and cheaper by a mile

The original Geylang Lorong 9 is an unassuming little stall within a coffeeshop that serves Singapore's no. 1 Frog Porridge. I am sure there will be others who will contest this confident proclamation like Sin Ma. GL9 frog porridge is filled with tasty Kung Bao sauce with bird’s eye chili and porridge. The frog meat is sweet and the texture smoothly delicate and comes in a satisfying mouthful. Highly recommended in my humble opinion.


Opening Hours : Usually after 4 pm. (will confirm on this)

Near KSL City

Our Merlion posing proudly
in the air-conditioned eatery.
You can have your
 frogs prepared 3 ways;
with Spring Onions, Dry Chilli
or cooked in your porridge.
3 WHOLE medium sized frog in our pot.
Legs, breast, back, ass, front legs!
Oozing, steaming hot !
Heavenly in porridge.
Spice it up with Bean Sprout.
Great Price, Great food. RIBBIT!

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  1. 我来这家田鸡粥吃,在吃啊吃,当吃到很爽,突然来了十多个客人,客人又要做在两个壁的桌位,我们刚好就在他们的中间,在我吃着一口又辣有香的田鸡,我的桌子好像有轮子的那样离我而去有一尺半,我的心情突然变的好像很酸,又要站起来把我的椅子向前移,让那后面的顾客可以两桌在一起,我就觉得我们好像不是他们的顾客被歧视的感觉。在也吃不下那顿饭了。喝也喝不下了。我就叫他们收钱。
    在怎么好吃,服务态度真的很重要。谢谢中国报把我的信息转给这家店。这家店是在KSL city 旁边的店铺。