Monday, December 27, 2010

Restoran Five Star (Really Cheap Kampung Chicken Rice / Non - Halal) - Not avaliable


Ever wonder what are Kampung Chickens?

Kampung Chickens are free-range chickens that are allowed to roam instead of being caged. Though scrawnier than their farmed counterparts, these chickens are generally considered to have higher nutritional value. They feed on natural vegetation and are not administered hormone injections. Hence, Kampung Chickens are said to have less fat and more lean meat with a better texture, thus fetching a higher price. 

To taste succulent Kampung Chicken with fragrant rice and fiery hot chilli on an unbeatable cheap budget; there can only be Johor Bahru's Five Star Kampung Chicken Rice - 5 star in the true sense of the word.


Address : No. 10, Jalan Sutera, Taman Sentosa (near The Store / Main branch in Skudai)

Opening Hours : 930 a.m to 930 p.m daily

Tel : +607-3312190

Look out for the first shop along the street.
Whole restaurant is
like a "Shrine" for
Kampung Chickens.
OMG! RM22 for a whole chicken!

Check out the menu below, you will not believe the great pricing.
Page 1
Page 2
If you cannot decide
what to order,
just order their set menus at an
unbeatable affordable pricing.
They even cater to porridge lovers.

I decided on the set menu for 4.
See for yourself the great food at great price.
Spicy Hot Chilli.
Want to have the best of both worlds?
No worries, you can request a mixture of the meat.
The "Kampung" meat is really tender and juicy yet not oily,
unlike the hormone enhanced chicken meat
found in most of SG hawker stalls.
You must try their roasted meat,
it is on par with Chinatown's best
crispy counterpart.
Generous servings of fishball soup.
Their fried beancurd is crispy on the exterior,
 the interior simply melts in your mouth.
Simple vegetable for a balanced
healthy meal.
Not forgetting their fragrant rice....
And a drink to quench your thirst
after a wonderful meal.

Pricing :  A mind boggling Sing $16 for all of above!
I simply cannot believe it when I see the bill
and try to match it to the tremendous
quantity of food laid on the table.
Highly Recommended!

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