Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On Kee Seafood (Non - Halal / JB's Award Winning Seafood Restuarant)

Daddy's Birthday Dinner at Johor Bahru's Famous On Kee Restaurant. Why did I choose this restaurant for my dad's big day?  
  1. This restaurant has two Chefs that won top prize for two cooking competition at China. (This is remarkable! Imagine Singapore Ping Pong players defeating the Chinese players in China.) 
  2. The environment is like an "atas" yet homely Chinese restaurant. The waitresses are friendly and ever ready to serve you. In fact, I sweared I noticed that it has a one waitress per two tables manpower ratio. 
  3. The food is served very quickly! I usually have to wait for half an hour in other places but here, I was served in less than fifteen minutes. Mind you, the restaurant is always crowded, the chef must be an octopus, :)
  4.  But most importantly, the food is just AWESOME! I really meant AWESOME. 

Opening Hours :11.30 am - 3 pm and 5.30 pm - 11 pm

Tel : +607-3882261

Signature Dishes : Chicken Floss Taohu, Hong Siu Pork Knuckle, Hamdan (salted-egg) prawns, Honey-fried Chicken and Yin Yeong Cod fish


Look at the plaques representing
the Chef's achievements.

Atas yet Homely.


Cold Dish with dry ice welcoming us...

Top view of the cold dish.

One of their signature dish,
Yin Yeong Cod fish!
1 slice is deep-fried, the other is steamed.
The fried slice is serve together with the juices and sauce from the steamed fish.
A perfect combination !
In Singapore 1 piece of small cod fish from the market costs $17!
This dish costs only $20 and it has 2 BIG COOKED codfish!

Chilli Crabs!

Simple Kai Lans

Look at the feast!

Damage : SING$80. Well - spent !

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