Monday, November 29, 2010

Thamara Cafe at Taman Bukit Indah Part 2 (Halad / Second Link Exit 308 then 307c from Highway)

Daddy's Birthday. As he has never travelled via second link, I decided to bring him to Bukit Indah for a Birthday Lunch before going to Permas Jaya for his Birthday Dinner. As it seems, the best choice in Bukit Indah, Thamara Cafe......  For further information on this eatery, go to this link.

Beef Sirloin in Black Pepper Sauce

Lamp Shank for me

Fish and Chips for Mum.
Never heard her praising this dish for a long time.
Wake up, Singapore's Hawkers!

Amazing blending of cheese and wedges.

Yogurt Drink for Wifey.
As usual, the friendly boss took some time out to speak to me after the meal. I realised that he used to work in Singapore and served corporate cilents as a cook. It seems strange to me then, even in a certain Orchard Road hotel, which charges me $300 for a fish and chips, a fried rice and a curry bread as well as two coffees, I can't seem to find this quality of perfection in food and hospitality displayed by Thamara. Seriously, sometimes, I really feel silly eating in our Sunny Island's restaurants. Check out my Daddy's Birthday Dinner and you will know why I am ranting....

Overall Damage (including 2 coffees and a chicken chop for my wife) :

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