Friday, December 10, 2010

Tai Hong Kopitiam (JB Hakka Yong Tau Fu and Lei Cha / Non - Halal)

I stumbled across this eatery purely by chance. I was getting desperate and hungry on a particular Sunday as I missed the opening hours of the famous Kuey Teow Kia, Woon Kiang and realised it was close. Wanting to try something new, I brought my family to Jalan Kuning(behind Pelangi Leisure Mall) to try my luck. Luckily, Jalan Kuning did not disappoint in their abundance of eateries. We decided on Tai Hong Kopitiam after seeing the flow of customers streaming in.  

As it was our first time eating at Tai Hong, we really did not know what to order. We ordered our favourite individual dishes like Curry Chicken, Mee Hoon Kueh, Zhu Cheoh Fan with Yong Tau Fu and Laksa. While waiting for our food, I realised that the majority of customers come here for the Yong Tau Fu Mee and Hakka Lei Cha. 

Although their Curry Chicken and Mee Hoon Kueh seems ordinary, their Hakka Yong Tau is really tasty. The texture of their Tau Fu is as smooth as silk and their Tau Pok and Ngor Hiang are fried to perfect crispness yet not oily. My only regret visiting Tai Hong is that I have not tried their Lei Cha(which most customers are eating). I promise that I will come back and savour this famous Hakka Dish and blog on it in the near future. 

Opening Hours : Everyday (8am - 6pm). Closed on Thursday.

Signature Dishes : Hakka Yong Tau Fu and Lei Cha

Beside it is an "Ah - Khoon" Styled Coffee Eatery

Nice Environment

I did not get to
try their signature dish, Lei Cha.

(Lei Cha soup is made by pounding
mixture of tea leaves and possibly mints
to a very minty green tea like liquid.
The soup accompanies a bowl of
brown rice topped with plenty of nuts
(or roast soy beans), chopped long beans,
tofu, pickled as well as fresh vegetable.)
All their dishes
at a glance....

Curry Chicken, really spicy curry
served with tender Kampung Chicken 

Curry Laksa, Yummy!

Superb Zhu Chong Fan
with sweet sauce and
delicious Yong Tau Fu

Not advisable to order.
If you really want to eat Mee Hoon Kueh,
do visit Restoran Yi Bao instead...

Pricing : Sing$12 including 4 coffees and 2 bread

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