Thursday, December 9, 2010

Restaurant Woon Kiang (JB's Kuey Chap / Non-Halal)

Restaurant Woon Kiang is a pretty popular Kway Teow Kia restaurant in JB. Kway Teow Kia is similar to the Kuey Chap in Singapore. The main difference is that instead of the squarish noodle that is used in Kuey Chap, Kway Teow Kia uses the flat noodle.

Woon Kiang's Kuay-Teow Kia is boiled in a herbal-like soup served with pig offal, braised duck meat, preserved salted vegetables, braised half-boiled eggs and various types of beancurd, depending on what you order. From my experience, the noodles are really smooth with their tasty soup and the pig intestine doesn't have an unpleasant taste like some of those served in Singapore. 

However, I must admit, although Woon Kiang's standard is way better than our Sunny island's ordinary hawker's fare, it is still not as good as our best Kuey Chap eateries (which is usually very expensive and can sometimes come up to S$30 for 2 person). 

Opening Hours : Everyday (9am - 3pm, 6pm - 1am). Closed on Tuesdays. Sundays (6 pm - 1am).

Look out for the bright red sign.
Only 3 shops along the street.

Do not worry, the workers speak better Chinese
and Malay than you or me. 

Place is clean and hygienic.

JB's Kuey Chap

"Power Punch" Chillies


Yummy Organs

Duck Meat.

Pricing : Sing$10 for two. 

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