Monday, January 24, 2011

Restoran 59 (Abalone Noodle Supper / Car Wash / Non Halal)

One of the things my mates and I like to do is to pop over to Johor Bahru in Malaysia for late night supper, petrol and car wash 
(It may sound crazy to safety conscious Singaporeans; I do go in like 1 A.M ALONE but I AM STILL ALIVE....). One particular popular JB supper destination among Singaporeans is Restoran 59 Abalone Noodles.

The three main reasons for its popularity can be attributed to the following:
  1. It offers excellent Kuay Teow/Noodle soup with Abalone at a cost of RM5 (small), RM8 (medium) and RM10 (large). The bowl of soup comes with clams, pork, abalone, prawns and a bowl of noodles in black sauce. The soup stock is delicious from all the good stuff they put in it and for RM3 more, you get an extra helping of abalone. 
  2. It is located in Jalan Kelewang which is near the shell petrol station where many Singaporeans "flood" for cheaper petrol.
  3. There is a excellent car wash service beside it where you can leave your car while proceeding to try 59's delicacy. It is perfectly safe to leave your car key and car with their car wash boss.                                                                           

Should you still be hungry after the noodles, there is a van that sells lok lok. Lok lok is like fondue. You choose your sticks from the display, cooked in the soup they provide, and carry your stash back to your table. However, try not to think about hygiene. There is also a stall beside it that sells Muar Otak, spicy fish pate in banana leaves from the town of Muar.


Requested by the Lady Boss to take
this picture before approval is given
to take photos. 
You can choose to sit inside or....
Invade the roads.
The noodles is just superb and
chewy to my liking.
Abalone Soup! Yummy!
Ice Jelly.
While waiting for the car wash,
check out the food across the street or ...
buy some fruits.

Total Burnt : RM20 for two (Inclusive of 2 coke light)

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