Sunday, November 20, 2011

Restoran Tapai Tang (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Comparable to Teck Sing / Taman Melodies / Non-Halal )

I just realised that more people are subscribing to North Explorer. Thank you very much for the support. I must apologise for not updating as regularly as before because of my busy work schedule. However, the following post will not disappoint you all. 

I was recommended to Restoran Sing Kee by my friend. However, the food at Sing Kee never really impressed me (more about Sing Kee in another post). Instead, the restaurant beside Sing Kee was triple the goodness in terms of taste, value and service. This restaurant that  I want to highly recommend is Restoran Tapai Tang, neighbour of Restoran Sing Kee.  

Apparently, Restoran Tapai Tang is ranked second in Johor Bahru for cooked food (煮炒) by Yummy King. The speciality of Restoran Tapai Tang lies in its seafood, curry fish head and salted kampong chicken.  In fact, their food menu is similar to the famous Teck Seng in terms of taste and price. However, I prefer Restoran Tapai Tang now because of its ample parking space right in front of the restaurant (You can watch out for your car while you tuck in the food).  The service by the staff is also excellent. For the soccer and music fans, they have a giant screen at its open air spacing for matches and singing (starts from evening). 


(Further up from Caltex at Holiday Inn's area)
Opening Hours : Daily from 11am - 4:30am
Contact : +607-3333662

Went on a Sunny afternoon.
Reasonable Crowd

Salted Chicken at it's best.
Sing Kee's Neighbour
Opposite it is this shop that sells
Kue Teow. Packed with crowd.

Delicious fried You Tiao with fish fillings
Your choice of chilli
Must order! Bittergourd at it's best.
Heavenly salted chicken!

You think Teck Seng serves great
Curry? Wait till you try Tapai Tang's..

Black Pepper Beef fried to
tenderness perfection. 
Guess the price, an amazing S$50.
Beat that!

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