Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Restoran Tasixi ( Dim Sum / Former Five Star Chicken Rice )

Restoran Five Star Chicken Rice has been replaced by Restoran Tasixi. Talking about dim sum in Johor, many would have probably been to the Restoran Tasixi. However, can anyone confirm if they have another branch and if this is the same Restoran Taxisi that operate in Jalan Serampang some time back? 

If this is the same Restoran Taixisi in Jalan Serampang, it used to serve many Singaporeans craving for cheap and nice dim sum over the weekends. Personally, I think Taixisi is a love or hate kind of place. Love it for its cheap dim sum. hate it for its limited items. The one thing I always wish they have on their menu is Egg Tarts, however, it is still worth a visit for its Dim Sum as it is nearer to the causeway and open till quite late in the afternoon as compared to Gui Yan at Taman Johor Jaya which closes early at around 1 pm.

So after a few sundays of dieting, I decided to go for some early morning dim sum instead. When we were there, there's probably around 5 tables occupied, and service was not too bad. I did not have to go to the push carts like Red Star in Singapore, but the food came to us. :) The servers there are friendly and made recommendations to us. One point though is that I do not really understand the pricing given.  We ordered the usual stuff like har gaw, siew mai, scallop dumplings, cheong fun, char siew su, glutinous rice, etc. Personally, I find the dim sum here too be above average. The skin for the scallop dumpling and the har gaw could be thinner. 

However, you must really try their Fried Carrot Cake which is wonderful and beyong description. It beats any fried carrot cake that I have ever eaten. 


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First restaurant after the store
Clean Environment
Siew Mai!
Har Gaw
Chicken Feet !
Sweet and Sour Combination

Must TRY !!!!
Superb Carrot Cake.
Delicious beyond description!

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