Thursday, March 24, 2011

IT Roo Cafe - (Halal / Voted as the Best Chicken Chop by The Star in 2003 / Nostalgia Place / Recommended )

I decided to try the difference between Hua Mui and IT Roo Cafe where both claimed they sell the Best Chicken Chop in town (Or should I say Jalan Dhoby?). IT Roo has the offcial title as they are voted as the Best Chicken Chop by The Star in 2003.

Verdict : It is a draw. Hua Mui for its chicken meat and IT Roo for its sauce. 

The humble looking shop didn't appear to be any award-winning cafe. It is a narrow & small shop with decorations of old pictures of Johore Bahru and old posters hanging on the wall, bringing a nostalgia feeling. The dining crowd at almost 3pm justified its popularity as people would immediately replace a table of people that left. 

A simple menu was presented to us upon our arrival. The Award-winning chicken chop was the first item on the menu. The menu is quite extensive, ranging from Western dishes, Chinese dishes, varity of Noodles, Soups and Sandwiches, drinks & dessert. They offer fresh juices, local kopi, tea,"westernised" coffee like coffeecino and canned drinks for their drinks menu. They also have ice-cream for dessert. 

My overall take on this place, an above average cafe to have a decent Chicken Chop in JB. 


Award Winning Cafe!
They have officially embraced
the title!
iUIt reminded me of the old style
of colonial coffee house food.
Ever Crowded!
Nothing fancy and over exaggerate.
It doesn't appear to be any award winning
cafe. Simply down to earth.

Crispy Fried chicken chop
with mushroom sauce
Like Hau Mui,
Sirloin Steak was difficult to chew.
Stick to their Chicken Chop.

Reasonable at Sing $23.00


  1. I must say that for a shop like this, chicken-chop @ RM12 is not cheap.... let me find time out to go try it out!!

    Tks for pointing it out!

  2. ya a bit expensive but hey, we are talking sing 5.50