Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ya Wang Restaurant ( Duck King / Near City Square / Can still try... )

Ya Wang is Mandarin for ‘Duck King’, and this little restaurant is very near to City Square Shopping Centre. Many Singaporeans visit Yawang to savour their juicy, delicious and herbal duck at half the price. Yawang appears to have found a firm following amongst the Johorians from the surrounding area. On this weekend occasion, the dining room was packed with large groups of all races, enjoying a long and relaxing lunch.

As the name suggests, Yawang is particularly proud of their various preparations of the esteemed water bird: four different ways in total.  I ordered their Herbal Roast duck.  The meat was tender and the skin, a beautiful caramelised brown. However, the herbal flavour was too overpowering and too sweet for my liking. Surprisingly, the duck meat was lacking in both taste and too hard to chew.

I strongly bet to differ that they are the Duck King (maybe only in Johor Bahru). I am definitely sure that I tasted way better duck meat in Singapore or Malaysia. The price is also not that fantastic as perceived. At Sing$15 for 2 person, it does not seem a bargain to me. 

Thankfully, Duck King made up for it with a varied menu that comes with set meals for 2 to 10 person. I personally feel that our meal will be more affordable if I have brought more people along, order their set lunch for 2 at RM48(Sing$25) which comes with 4 more dishes. On an ending note, Ya Wang will be a place I will return only if I crave for ordinary duck meat. In addition, I must have three to four friends with me to enjoy the economics of scale of visiting this restaurant.

            Address : 28 Jalan Segget
            Tel No. :   +607 224 8624
Near Hua Mui, just round the corner

The interior is a lot more cleaner
than it seems from outside.

Their menu is placed on a whiteboard.
The economics of scale set meals. 
This are what you can choose if
you order their set meals.
Sweet but lacking the spicy punch
of the chilli to blend with the
Duck Meat.
Too sweet and chewy for my liking.
Herbal Aroma is too strong....
Rating : 6/10
Suprisingly, the best dish of the day.
Kai Lan......:) Not what I came for.
Not a price  to scream for
at Sing$15 for 2.

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