Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sin Hock Guan (Tangkak) Beef Noodles ( Kakilang Food Court / Plaza Pelangi)

Over the weekend, I decided to try JB's very own Tangkak Beef Noodles (Tangkak is a little town in Johor known for its beef noodles). As I was not in the mood to travel far, I decided to hit on this particular stall in Plaza Pelangi. The hawker stall is called Sin Hock Guan Permas Jaya (Tangkak) Beef Noodles. It is situated in Kakilang Food Court Centre which serves many other yummies. 

Hock Guan's beef noodles is different from the SG version in two ways : 
1) Tenderness of the beef 
2) Thickness of the rice noodles

Their thick QQ rice noodles is drenched in thick beefy gravy. The bowl of rice noodles is then accompanied by a heavenly combination of tender morsels of braised beef brisket, slices of beef tenderloin, bits of salted vegetables, some peanuts and lots of spring onions. In addition, every bowl of beef noodles comes with special homemade chilli sauce and a steaming bowl of beef soup (just like in SG). The chili sauce is made with spicy tiny green chilli padi. It becomes a perfect combination with beef meat and fresh lime juice. It will cost you RM6 for a small bowl of beef noodles and RM8 for a larger serving

For those who wants to eat beef noodles but your familiy members may not wish to, there are Wanton Noodles, Chicken Rice, Dim Sum as well as Yong Tau Foo for their indulgence at the food court.  

Another stall that sells really good beef noodles is at Ang Kim Chwee Coffee Shop near the CIQ.  I will cover the stall in the near future.


Kakilang Food Court
A liitle run down but is
still clean and hygienic.
The Beef Noodle Stall.
Every Sunday Morning,
the food court is packed with
people and SG Customers who come
for cheap and good breakfast.

Amazing Combination
of Green and Red Chilli.
Look how gorgeous the bowl
of beef goodness is.
Do ask for an extra serving
of the Beef Soup. It is
really tasty!

Other Goodies at Kakilang Food Court :

Dim Sum at RM4 for all.
Wanton Mee at RM5.
Better taste than Pontian Wanton Mee.
Mixture of Yong Tau Foo at RM4

Total Damage of the above (inclusive of 2 beef noodles and drinks):
Sing $ 12 ! (Amazing)

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