Tuesday, April 19, 2011

QQ Hut (Johor Bahru Very Own QB House) - Closed Down

Closed Down

I decided to take a break from food exploring today. I have been stuffing myself with too much good food from Johor Bahru, time to shed a few pounds. Anyway, I came across this hair salon in Holiday Plaza. It seems like a direct imitation of our island's very own QB House. However at Sing $5, it is definitely a better choice to get an "average skilled" haircut if you are in JB.   Apparently, it has been in operation for a year and I failed to notice it. I decided to give it a shot and judging myself from the mirror, the results are quite satisfying.

QB house, oops.. It is QQ Hut.
Gosh, Splitting Image of QB House.
Even the system is the same.
I seriously cannot tell
QQ from QB.
Fancy a cheap haircut?

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