Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Johor Premium Outlet (JPO)

For all shopping junkies, the official opening of Johor Premium Outlet aka jb premium outlet on 11/12/11 has arrived. Access their website here

What is Premium Outlet?
Premium Outlet is a portfolio of outlet shopping centers which brings together the finest brands in unique outdoor settings and offers impressive savings of 25 to percent every day. According to my wife, each outlet has designs specially allocated to them not found in any other Premium outlets. Of course, the designs are usually of past seasons. 

Johor Premium Outlets is a collection of 80 designer and name brand outlet stores featuring saving of 25% to 65% every day. Johor Premium Outlets is located at the intersection of the North-South Expressway and the Second Link Expressway. 

Personal Take on Johor Premium Outlets:
I am really happy for Johor Bahru to be able to build such a wonderful shopping area in Iskandar. The whole area is easily accessible, well built with a food court, lots of cafes and even a playground to keep the children entertained.

However, their pricing must be made more attractive and worthwhile for the travel. Read the reports here

My wife do travels to overseas factory outlet as far as the United States. She commented that their prices are not really as cheap as overseas' outlets. When the items are on sale in Singapore, the pricing is roughly the same. I cannot expect JPO to lower the prices but if they do want to attract more locals and tourists aka Singaporeans, they must really promote more goods at really attractive prices to allow the place to be a success. This is of course a poor man's opinion, all you rich fellas may not agree with me. 

Nevertheless, I am really impressed with the shopping area and there are plans to expand the place further. So, let's keep our fingers cross and hope for more attractive offers from JPO. 

Below : Johor Premium Outlet Location Map

How to get there to johor premium outlet?
1. Cheaper Route to Johor Premium Outlet(for seasoned drivers to Johor Bahru)
Singapore → Sultan Iskandar Ciq JB → Jalan Yahya Aldatar → Lebuhraya Tebrau → Lebuhraya Utara Selatan → Exit 253 → Exit 304 → Exit 302A → Johor Premium Outlets

View Johor Premium Outlet From Causeway in a larger map

2. Alternative Route
Singapore → Tuas → Lebuhraya Hubungan Kedua Malaysia Singapore → Exit 304 → Exit 302A →  Johor Premium Outlets.

3. Additional Information for travelling Instructions 
Taken From Johor Premium Outlet Website
For additional information on how to get there by car or bus, access this link.


Trust me, JPO has more than 
enough car parks
and security attendants.
You do not need to pay any
car park entrance fees.

Entertaining the children


  1. i can suggest an alternative for a more cheaper route to JPO from JBCIQ in car:

    JBCIQ ---> Jalan Yahya Aldatar ---> Jln Tun Abdul Razak ---> Jln Skudai ---> lebuhraya utara-selatan ---> Exit 253 → Exit 304 → Exit 302A → Johor Premium Outlets

    This way you only have to entertain 2 plaza tol, namely JBCIQ and skudai toll along lebuhraya utara-selatan

    1. To avoid paying toll, take main trunk road from JBCIQ->Jln Tun Razak-.Tampoi-> Skudai -> Kulai &just immdly after TemmengongSeri Maharaja Tun Ibrahim Hospital turn left into Persiaran Indahpura Utama. Proceed straight across first roundabout till 2nd one. Turn left & follow road till you see signs showing the way to JPO.
      This is actually more straight forward except there are no signs along eith side of Kulai road to lead you to Persiaran Indahpura Utama which is just before Kulai town if you are approaching from JB.

  2. OMG i went there in Dec 11 and guess wat? HOUSEFLIES everywhere! In their food court, in shops, wow... it's an eyesore. Wat tourist attraction place is this with so much flies?? Hope the govt can wake up to their idea and exterminate these pests in such places... gawd

  3. Hello, I had to pay per entry car park charge of RM 3.00 when I went on CNY 2nd day. Agree houseflies plentiful, very hot, very few seats to rest, plus very important road signs lacking along main trunk route. Food not that fantastic at food court. Went to take a look with friends but none bot anything as found prices not that attractive for a premium outlet.

  4. JPO Information office located at wrong part of the complex. Should be at the main entrance from carpark as majority of visitors would have arrived by cars/buses and enter complex from that entrance. Imagine having to search and walk the whole length of the complex to locate the info office at the far end for any enquiries/help.

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