Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vivo American Pizza & Panini (Halal / Available in Johor Bahru Shopping Malls / JB's Very Own Cafe Cartel)

Vivo American Pizza & Panini(Sandwich) is a Italian restaurant that serves Italian Food and American style Pizza using the traditional method of baking with the secret recipe of the Horrigan family. Vivo has sprung up all over JB's shopping centres. It has franchises in Tebrau City, Plaza Pelangi, City Square, Tesco Kulai and Sutera Mall. I visited Sutera Mall's Vivo branch over the weekend. Here is my take:

Basically, Vivo dining environment is similar to that of a fast food cafe. The atmosphere is fitted with smooth lightning  which provides a warm and comfortable environment.

In Vivo's menu, there are quite a number of dishes which are listed as "Chef's recommendation" or "Best, Must Try!" categories. (Seems like most of their dishes are of superior quality, :) ). Although the size of their pizza is very small (size is stated in the menu by measurement), the thin crispy crust makes up for the difference in size with its superior taste than a certain "hut". Overall, I would rate Vivo's cuisines which include Pasta and Spaghetti as "nothing spectacular" and very much like our "Cafe Cartel"


Address : Click on the following link to their outlets' address. 

Like a fast food restaurant...
Only difference: You can "press the
button" for the server. That is

Starter : Chicken Bits
Chicken Chop :
Tender and "Cafe Cartel" Style.
Tomato Spaghetti.
Cheesy, Creamy, Mushroom Pasta.
Surprising Tasty. 

The world's 1st true pizza 
named after Italy's Queen 

Margherita in 1889

Total Damage : Sing $30

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